The Flymo Hover Vac 280 lightweight lawnmower

Flymo HoverVac 280 Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1300W

Really impressed, a good size, so it doesn’t take up much space. Easy to clean & maintain, sucks up all the grass (no raking) & easy to bag up. Great value & arrived on time.

It does a job and is light (compared to many lawnmowers).
But it has to be used forwards only! like a cylinder mower and not randomly as with my previous hover. It also has a tendency to “spray” grass cuttings to the right. This might explain the “forward only” instruction so the sprayed cuttings can be collected. But, it is easy use and I found little problem in adjusting the cutting height, and, in fairness, it cuts well andwasn’t too expensive.

Light weight and easy to fold and pack away. The cut is not as low as I would ideally have wished but perhaps that is better for the lawn. Good value for money.

It works well and is light enough for me to lift. It cuts well. The box fills up quite quickly but the mower does a good job.

Excellent machine,typical good quality you expect with fly out,this one has the added bonus of having a grass box.brilliant

Bought for partners small garden. It is a very light and flimsy grass cutter. Collects grass too, and seems very effective. How long it will last ? Who knows.

Literally it’s open the box, plug in the power cable and away you go. It collects the cut grass. Ensure you lift the collector lid regularly to see the amount that gathers. Empty regularly. It doesn’t quite get right up to the edges but it’s close enough. It’s not very robust. For the price it’s good for its purpose. Once operating the air cushion allows the operator to move the mower easily. It is not heavy or unmanoeuverable. Grass does not fly outwards from the sides.

This will occur if you allow the grass collector to overfill. One has to treat it carefully and gently. Push the handle stays inwards slightly to collapse the handle. Grass will collect at the air intake areas on each side (protected by blue plastic filters), along the hood base channel, inside the collector box area and in two areas under the cutting hood . Clearing these areas after switching off & unplugging, after each mowing event, should be incorporated into good maintenance management plan.